Tom's College Daze

Back home from the war, I enrolled at OSU for the Spring Quarter in 1946. With just
a handful of credit-hours from a few years back, I went straight through, including
summers, until I graduated in June 1949. I majored in Newspaper Management in the
School of Journalism. Two of my professors were James Pollard and
Mr. Getzlo My minor was English Literature. The GI Bill was a great help,
but even so, I had to work at part-time jobs to make ends meet . For several years, I worked
at the Huntington Bank downtown, Monday to Friday from 6 am to 9 am and on Saturdays
from 6 am to about noon. I also had a job writing a campus column for the old
Columbus Citizen.
When I wasn't doing any of those things, I was selling dance band engagements to sorotity and
fraternity houses fro the Posey and Moore Entertainment Agency - which meant Lou Posey
and John Moore. Two great guys - each one of them a pice of work.
I got married on September 11, 1948 when I still had a year of school to finish.
I have written about those circumstances in one of the Short North Gazette's columns
titled "Legendary Tales" and you many go to it if you
click here.


Above, there I am in the center at a Sigma Nu party I had been
invited to becauseof the OSU society column I wrote every week for
Columbus Citizen. If I can remember the name of the pretty girrl I have
my arm around, I'll let you know later.



A Halloween party at the old Lambda Chi house on Fifteenth Avenue.
I was social chairman and there I am at the upper left
checking to make sure everybody's having a good time.




A group of Lambda Chi's gethered together for a picture.
The occasion was a formal dance at the old Chittenden Hotel. Why the Chittenden?
Because they were cheaper. I'm the debonair dude sitting on the couch next to the girl
with an orchid corsage. Wow! buying that took a lot of money out of my beer budget!