What have I wrought? A gathering of the clan in the summer of 2000
at James' Heritage Lodge in Hocking County.



My Family Album

How lucky can one man be? I was blessed with three wonderful
children - two boys and a girl. Jan, Jeff, and James. Now I have
many grandchildren and great grandchildren. So many I lose count.
I was married to their mother, Jeannne Michaels,for 18 years. She was brought up
on a dairy farm not far from the tiny town of Burgoon in Sandusky County
After our divorce, we went our separate ways for a a long time
but toward the end, when the dreaded cancer took her away, thank goodness
I was there for her. On a happier note, here are
a bunch of photos, some taken when we were all more innocent,
way back when, mostly in Grandview, a nice, homey
suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Others are more recent.


Jan with a couple of her birds. Ernie, the African Gray,
is perched on her left hand. Jan is married to Gary Campbell
and they live a few miles north of Logan in Hocking County
where they have half a dozen lovely tourist cabins and lodges.


Here's Kim and Jeff withKylie.

Here's Kylie all by herself. Looks like a pretty spiffy computer room.



This is the baseball team Jeff was a member of in Grandview.
He is the tough guy in a cap on the extreme left. These dangerous
looking dudes are probably in the fifth or sixth grade.


Here's Jeff and his wife Kim visiting me at Tivoli Apartments.
Jeff is a union lineman in Detroit. Electric lineman, that is. Jeff and Kim now have a
little baby girl who I will show you if I can find her picture. Just kidding. I have
so many pictures of this kid, they're in every room of my abode.


Does James have a doubting look on his face as he visits Santa Clause?
In case you're wondering, he's the big guy in the stripped shirt.


Just a few years later, James holds his daughter Jessica who was a premature baby
weighing in at one pound, six ounces. She's a little bigger than that now
and is turning out to be one beautiful little girl.


Keeping the hot tubs spottlessly clean in their rental
cabins is a big job for Jan and Gary.


This is Ciara: "A" student, baton-twirler,
and so much more. Ain't she sweet?!

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